The Little Wine Bus- Frequently Asked Questions about our Hudson Valley Wine Tours

The Little Bus Q and A

Where Do You Pick Up From?
We pick up from NYC the entire tri-state area for private parties. We also pick up groups from all area Train Stations. Metro North's Hudson Line is the closest to us.  We also pick-up/drop-off all along Rt. 17 in New Jersey for all public “Take Me To The Vino” Tours that come up  from NYC.

Will You Provide Food?
Yes, all tours include a delicious lunch (sometimes we do delicious hearty bagged lunches during the busy season) in a choice winery and amazing snacks all day. We picnic outside and have foods such as sandwhiches/wraps, salads, pasta, & bread, or pizza, pasta, garlic bread, but in the cooler months we go inside the wineries near the toasty fireplaces or views when possible. Sometimes winery dining areas are booked for private events or on crowded and busy weekends such as fall and holidays especially, we provide a delicious bagged lunch that you will love. (vegetarian and meat choices are available) and we still provide other great snacks & waters, cheese, cracker, fruit and meat platters throughout the day! For private events, corporate, and parties, we can book you a private room anytime and have an array of full-scale catering menus from buffets to 5 course dinners/lunches.  We cater to food allergies only if we are notified well in advance of your tour. We also have snacks on the bus for the way home.

What Should I Bring/Wear The Day of The Tour?
Bring extra water bottles if you drink a lot of water, bring a bus blanket if you get cold on the bus even in the summer with A/C.  Wear flat shoes, or sneakers. Dress cool and comfortable in summer and warm in the winter.  In the summertime, you can bring large sheets or blankets for the sprawling vineyards, but there are picnic tables at most wineries. Sunhats, sunglasses and sunblock is a must in the summer as we are outside a good amount of time.  If you have food allergies, please bring your own snacks. Bring Ipads, magazines and/or reading material for bus ride up.

Is The Little Wine Bus Responsible If We Drink Too Much, Hurt Ourselves, Or Others, Or Get Hurt On The Bus Or At A Winery?
No we are not. We do not serve alcohol, so we are nor responsible for any possible injury sustained at all during the entire tour and after you leave our tour.  After all, this tour involves alcohol and we are not responsible for how much wine you pay for and consume on your own on at each winery.

Is There A Bathroom On The Bus?/Restroom Stops
Only on the larger 32-55 passenger buses.  Don't worry if you don’t have one on the smaller buses.  The drivers definitely make a stop on the way up and on the way home.

Can I Rent The Entire Bus For A Day Out For Me And My Friends, A Party or Corporate Event?
Absolutely. See our parties and events section.  We even decorate the inside of the buses, limos and vans for any party! Bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduations, weddings, engagements & more.

What If I Have To Cancel My Reservation, What Is The Policy?
We give you 100% cancellation and will refund your deposit within 2 weeks of large groups and party cancellations from December to August only.  Loss of your $250.00 deposit applies if you cancel under two weeks (14 days). For the months of Sept., Oct. & Nov. there is no refund on any deposits at all for any reason on cancellations as these are our ultra peak wine/beer touring months and we sell out every weekend due to busy fall foliage/harvest season and turn away business. You will not be refunded your deposit unless you re-book another future tour and it has been completed.  

For regular “hop on” wine tours from NYC we require 3-day cancellation to receive a full refund as these seats sell out.  We do not offer a refund due if you fall under 3 days due to holding bus seats and food orders paid in advance.

Tour No Shows: If you have no shows the day of on your party, the person whose credit card we are holding, will be charged automatically and immediately. Please understand we order food in advance and hold seats. We are firm on this. We do not refund for no-shows and you cannot use the ticket for another day as we already lost that seat for the day to sell if you do not show up. Please understand. Thank you.

Credit Card Hold Notice: If you are holding an entire party with your credit card, and a guest does not give 3-days cancellation, you credit card will be charged so it’s best to collect money in advance for parties.

What If I Miss The Bus?
There is no refund at all if you miss the bus for any reason. (traffic, sickness, subway stuck, etc.) We always ask people to check-in 15-30 minutes in advance to ensure you will not miss the bus.

How Do I Pay & Do You Charge A Credit Card Processing Fee?
You can pay cash or credit card.  We only take checks by mail in advance and they must clear prior to your event. Yes, we charge 5% of the ticket price per ticket.  This is to cover the credit card transaction fees that we are charged. If you are paying for more than one ticket or an entire party, it’s still 5% fee on the total.  You can however send a check in advance to avoid the fee.

Can We Drink Wine On The Bus?
Sorry, regulations ensure that all consumption of alcoholic beverages is confined to the wineries/breweries

Is There Just "The Little Wine Bus," Or Are There Other Vehicles And Buses To Rent?
OF COURSE!  We have Luxury buses from 12-56 passengers, Limousine Buses, Luxury SUV’s, All-Size Limousines, Rolls Royces. We are Certified Travel Agents and Meeting Planners. We can DO ANYTHING! 

Can We Bring Children/Pets?
Yes, but for certain occasions only!  Children are welcome to join us for pre-booked family related tours*, such as, family reunions, family outings, etc.  Wineries are child friendly and offer activities for them. We have custom tours for families which includes things like: feed the animals at the winery farms, apple pumpkin & pear picking, hayrides, face painting, cookie design, and many more creative and seasonal themed ideas. We can do anything, just make a suggestion. :-) 
We do not carry pet insurance so sorry no pets allowed.


*21 and over please for all non-family tours.

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